Terms & conditions

This VU translation website provides all services to users online free of charge.

This website:

  • provides the English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English neural machine translation service;
  • provides the Polish-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-Polish neural machine translation service;
  • provides the French-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-French neural machine translation service;
  • provides the Russian-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-Russian neural machine translation service;
  • provides the German-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-German neural machine translation service;
  • provides translation plug-ins for browsers for webpage translation for installation;
  • provides translation plug-ins for user websites for installation;
  • provides mobile app components for installation;
  • provides a means for extracting terms from documents.

You can voice a text, upload a text or a document to be translated. The translated document will retain the formatting of the original. You can also translate a website you are interested in. The minimum text translation speed is one sentence per second (assuming a sentence has 10 words), but in order to ensure the security of data in the translation system and continuity of its operation, the amount of translation data is limited.

The following formats are supported:

  1. Portable Document Format (PDF);
  2. Document Format (DOC);
  3. Office Open XML Format (DOCX);
  4. Microsoft Excel Format (XLSX);
  5. Microsoft Power Point Format (PPTX);
  6. OpenDocument Format (ODT, ODP, ODS, FODT, FODP, FODS);
  7. HyperText Markup Language (HTML, HTM, XHTML, XHT);
  8. OpenOffice Format (SXW);
  9. "Mac" Text Processing Format (PAGES);
  10. Rich Text Format (RTF);
  11. LaTeX Type Setting (TeX);
  12. Extensible Markup Language Format (XML);
  13. Translation Memory Exchange Format (TMX);
  14. JavaScript Object Notation Format (JSON);
  15. Text File Format (TXT);
  16. Comma-separated Values Format (CSV);
  17. XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLF, XLIF, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF);
  18. Trados Tag Editor Format (TTX);
  19. MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (MP3).