E-services of localization

From April 1, 2012 to September 30, 2014, the project "Localization of Software Relevant to the Public, Development of Tools Necessary for Programs" was implemented under the measure "Lithuanian Language for Information Society" (VP2-3.1-IVPK-12-K). You can find more about the projects of this measure on the website www.esparama.lt

The works on the localization of software and development of tools for localization were extended during the implementation of the project "Improvement and Development of Machine Translation Systems and Localization Services" under the measure "Lithuanian Language for Information Society" (project period 2018–2021). During the project period, the localization and adaptation of software relevant to society was performed and the following open programs that will be available to everyone free of charge were localized:

  • Mobile applications developer tool "App Inventor";
  • Data statistical processing package "R";
  • Interactive development tools for websites "Joomla!";
  • LibreOffice office package (localization update and reference work localization);
  • An expert Lithuanian quality assessment service for program localization automation, translation memory and vocabulary base have been created.

The results of the project are integrated into the result of the measure "Lithuanian Language for Information Society" – the website Raštija.lt, the resources of which can be freely used or downloaded by anyone.

Executor of the project – Vilnius University (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, now Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies)
Project manager – Prof. Dr. Valentina Dagienė

Localization e-services can be downloaded here: here