LibreOffice/ OpenOffice extension

The plugin for free application packages OpenOffice and LibreOffice provides the ability to translate documents using the MT system service. Text editor toolbar allows one to perform:

  • select the language direction;
  • select the MT translation system (if several systems are available according to the language direction);
  • send the document that needs to be translated to the MT system by clicking the appropriate translation button;
  • open the translated document in a new OpenOffice/LibreOffice window.

The plugin can also provide a translation function for the selected text (word, phrase, sentence, paragraph or even several paragraphs). The translation plugin automatically determines the language of the original translated text when the user selects the translation function. The translation plugin works through an authentication function that allows registered users of to access their private MT systems.

Please, read the setup and configuration instructions before downloading.


You can download and learn how to install the free office application package OpenOffice or LibreOffice here: